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Garda Trentino
Land of peaks and lakes
Dolce Vita
The joys of the Lake
Outdoor sports and fun

Garda Trentino: on the north bank of the south

Harmonious contrasts: Garda Trentino in all its diversity

Spectacular Mediterranean scenery rises from the waters and up over steep mountain slopes to the blue heavens, all with a promise of the great outdoors. Sporting adventures and pleasurable experiences here vie for the favour of guests, as Bella Italia can always produce culinary delights in villages that bear witness to a lively culture.  

Benvenuti nel Garda Trentino.

The lakeside lifestyle

The scents in Riva del Garda are of olive oil, lemon juice, bay leaves and fine wine, mountain traditions and Mediterranean ease.

Nestling between Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites, Riva del Garda is the very epicentre of Garda Trentino

Torbole & Nago
Picture postcard perfect!

And suddenly the rock faces fall away and reveal the view that stretches way over the blue of Lake Garda. Torbole sul Garda has found its place on the shore, at the foot of Monte Baldo and, now as always, knows how to captivate guests with its charm.

Capital of climbing

A ruined castle perches on a steep rock directly above the town of Arco, whose historic centre lies like a semicircle around the slopes of the castle mount. Perhaps it was not mere chance that led to its name Arco – “arch” or “bow” in English.

Blue, green, mystical and wild…

Up in the hills high above Riva del Garda, the village of Tenno perches between olive groves, vineyards and alpine rock formations. Facing south and nestling among spectacular plant life, this location always offers clear views as it proudly presents Lake Garda below.

A blend of nature, history and culture

One of the oldest municipalities in the Sarca Valley, Dro, lies between the three enchanting lakes of the Garda Trentino region – Lake Garda, Lake Cavedine and Lake Toblino.

Kulturelles Bergdorf

Just a few kilometres from Lake Garda, above the Sarca Valley, lies the mountain village of Drena. It dates back to a prehistoric settlement and is marked by Roman and medieval influences. On a hill above the hamlet is the landmark of Drena Castle, long owned by the Counts of Arco to keep watch over the Sarca Valley.


Located between the blue of Lake Garda and the green of the Valle del Chiese, the Ledro Valley is a land bound north and south by spectacular peaks that soar to heights of over 2,000 metres. This natural setting holds thirteen villages, each with a bewitching charm. The roofs of the houses rise up between fragrant woods and meadows or give colour to the shores of Lake Ledro, a place where you can inhale the deep bond between humans and nature that goes back over 4,000 years.


Comano offers a placid succession of rural landscapes and the lively gurgling of the thermal spring at the foot of the silently spectacular Brenta Dolomites, an oasis of tranquillity and well-being that invites you to follow the rhythms of nature. Between the alleyways in the village, the paths in the woods, the cultivated fields and along stream courses can be seen the medieval walls of castles, settlements that possess an ancient charm and sites of archaeological interest... A land that is as genuine as its flavours, where stories to be remembered and told all intermingle. The best way to discover Comano? With boots on your feet or in the saddle of a bicycle, naturally!

An open-air sports hall!
Get a close-up experience of the outdoors, whether on the rock, on a trail, on a hiking path, on a picturesque side road or in the cooling waters of a lake: it’s not easy just to sit there when the natural world of Garda Trentino offers so many tempting opportunities.
Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita
Dolce vita
The joys of the Lake
Everything that makes for a wonderful holiday, everything that characterises the South, everything that promises the dolce vita, can be found... in Garda Trentino!
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