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Shopping in Garda Trentino

A culture of taste, a passion for sport

Shouldn’t a shopping trip be part of every holiday or weekend getaway? Not least when those holidays are spent in a place where variety is all... such as Garda Trentino! All that is good and all that does good – for body, palate and soul – can be found in the historic alleyways of Riva del Garda, Torbole sul Garda, Dro, Drena, Tenno and Arco, in the villages of Comano, Ledro and the Valle dei Laghi, as well as in the large shopping centres of the surrounding area, where you can find everything your heart desires. The shops, boutiques and stores all reflect the spirit of Garda Trentino, where the cult of fashion tips a wink to the local passion for sport, and where the region is perfectly expressed through the excellence of its wine and food culture!

holiday purchases
Small fashion boutiques, sports retailers and shops selling specialities, art galleries and craft shops.
Local produce to enjoy!