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A Flavourful Experience

Vacanze con Gusto

Territory and Tradition

Where the Mediterranean climate meets the Alps, where Central European tradition meets Italian style. Where the wind is a constant presence and the water shapes the landscape. Where palm trees and olive trees gradually give way to fir trees and pastures. Only in such a varied place can so many different products be created, blending harmoniously into a cuisine that combines mountain tradition with southern accents.

Vacanze con Gusto is founded to preserve this contrasting yet enriching heritage. It is a pact that unites producers with those who use these products in their daily cooking and with those who choose them for their businesses – a shared commitment to ensure quality, respecting the seasons and the origins of the land.

Ristoranti & Co
Essential Ingredient: Farm-Fresh Produce

Whether it is a gourmet dinner or a quick snack, a traditional agriturismo lunch or street food, an appetising aperitif or a delightful treat, the businesses within the Vacanze con Gusto circuit provide meals crafted with care and passion, using thoughtfully selected local ingredients.

A Delicious Shopping Adventure
At the farm or in the store, authenticity is guaranteed

Our local producers and the staff at the local retail points are the true experts when it comes to typical products. They are the ones to seek for consistently accurate advice during your shopping experience.


Autumn in Garda Trentino is a succession of tasty events and village fairs: every weekend is a great opportunity to discover wine and food festivals, but also to taste the recipes proposed by the many typical restaurants in Alto Garda, Ledro, Comano and Valle dei Laghi. Mese del Gusto is the name that brings them all together.

Find out more and, most of all, enjoy them!

Local specialities
100% local

From extra virgin olive oil to carne salada (salted beef), lake fish, and Trentino's renowned Vino Santo DOC... These are just some of the well-known typical products, but Garda Trentino has so much more to offer.

Custodians of Taste

In Garda Trentino there are many organisations that bring together volunteers and entrepreneurs, united by the same, great passion for their territory and its most precious fruits. All of them work tirelessly to enhance, describe and make known all the excellences, from the smallest to the largest, created right here, between Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites.