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Terme di Comano

Immerse yourself, drink, breathe.

Terme di Comano

Where good health and wellbeing are part of the family

Almost two centuries of history for a place that combines wellbeing and personal care. We are at the Terme di Comano, where the gushing water at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites has unique characteristics that make it a precious natural “drug”. Here, Mother Nature herself is the therapist - and the tools she uses are not limited to water: the greenery of the extensive park invites visitors to relax, try out the sensorial pathways and recharge their batteries. Already imagining how it feels to walk among giant trees, breathing in the scent of the mountains, with the burbling of the river gently accompanying your steps? This is the irresistible effect Terme di Comano has on everyone.

Terme di Comano - Lake Garda
Thermal Spa and Wellness Experiences
A day at the Terme di Comano

Sometimes, it only takes a day to de-stress and recharge your batteries. This is why the experts at the Terme di Comano have created day experiences that squeeze all the benefits of the thermal waters and the surrounding nature into just a few hours.

Terme di Comano - Lake Garda
24 hours of wellness

Imagine spending a whole day with whoever you choose in a place that offers wellness treatments, a swimming pool, steam baths and walks through trees that have been there for centuries.  Add to this a delicious break, where the local products get their glad rags on and strut their stuff in amazing gourmet dishes: these are the irresistible ingredients of the SPA DAY experience at the Terme di Comano.