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Fun facts, or: did you know that...

Curious aspects of Garda Trentino

Here is a selection of unusual, charming and humorous fun facts about one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Have fun browsing through – and always keep your eyes open because, where mountains and waters meet in an eternal embrace, there are sure to be many strange, interesting and above all beautiful things for you to see.

  • A natural high

    Over 2,000 metres of altitude separate the palms on the shores of Lake Garda and the pines at the summit of Monte Altissimo – with miles of dreamlike landscape in between!

  • The hole

    In Trentino dialect, the area around Arco, Riva del Garda and Nago-Torbole is called “Busa”, the “hole”, because it is sandwiched between the lake waters and rock walls.

  • The north star

    Garda Trentino is the world’s northernmost traditional olive-growing area: the yellow-green gold – its olive oil – is the pride of the entire region.

  • A constant stream of (hi)stories

    A true master of understatement and yet the first and oldest official tourist monument in the entire region: the Varone waterfall was mentioned as early as 1874.

  • The number 1

    There are countless cycle routes running through the entire Trentino region, but the “Sarca Valley” cycle path remains the big favourite among the locals – the bike number 1.

  • Regatta time

    The northern reaches of Lake Garda seem to be covered in canvas for over 180 days a year, as sailors from all over the world brave wind and water while competing in the numerous regattas.

  • The lower depths

    Its maximum depth of 346 metres paradoxically makes Lake Garda a “top” performer, while its little brother, Lake Ledro, also manages a remarkable depth of 48 metres! By comparison, Germany’s Chiemsee Lake is 73 metres deep, Lake Constance 256 metres, Loch Ness 227 metres. The waters of Lake Garda are perhaps never still, but they are always deep!

  • The world’s tallest man

    Bernardo Gilli, born in Bezzecca in the Ledro Valley in 1726, is said to have reached the staggering height of 2.60 metres. This made “Gilli il Gigante” a welcome guest at all sorts of events: he even visited the Tsars of Russia and the French royal family. After his death, Dr Cannella from Riva del Garda was allowed to carry out research on Gilli’s body and his extraordinary growth in size.

  • The village of records

    The village of Balbido, near Comano, may be small, but it aims at greater things: higher, further, bigger, faster – setting new records seems to be in the villagers’ DNA. Their creativity knows no bounds: the biggest woven basket, the largest witch figure... Balbido is also known for its beautiful murals.

  • The guardian of the spring

    The Romans can thank their prophetess Sybil for their pleasure: she lived in a hidden cave, where she discovered the spring waters, bubbling at 27 °C, henceforth protecting them so that others could benefit. On account of Sybil, the healing waters of the Comano thermal springs continue to flow… and flow… and flow ...

  • Grappa and the inventive spirit

    It is no coincidence that the Valle dei Laghi produces some of the world’s best grappas and distillates. The farmers of the valley had the right to produce their own distillates: they also became innovative and creative, developing the technique of distilling to achieve ever better end products.

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