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Val di Gresta
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Valley of the Vegetable Gardens

Nestled in the heart of Ronzo-Chienis

A journey to Val di Gresta is always intentional. To reach it, you have to leave the main route running along the valley floor, winding up hairpin bends at the foot of Mount Stivo. Those who embark on this adventure are rewarded with a priceless sensation, as if they've stumbled upon a hidden realm where the myriad shades of green reign supreme.

This is where Trentino’s first organic district takes root. Fields and gardens are beautifully organised, curated and enveloped by characteristic dry-stone walls. They showcase an array of flavourful vegetables that are good for the soul. Agriculture, especially in its organic form, dances to the rhythm of the seasons—a cadence set not by clocks but by the harmonious flow of natural events. A visit to Val di Gresta invites you to embrace this unhurried pace, to savour each moment.

Whether it's a leisurely stroll through the woods surrounding Ronzo-Chienis, a hike up Monte Stivo, or a mountain bike ride to Passo Bordala, the regenerative power of the lush surroundings is guaranteed!


Val di Gresta is the proud home of the first organic district in Trentino, reflected in the diverse menus of its restaurants featuring dishes abundant in flavourful and healthy vegetables. These culinary offerings add a touch of originality to traditional Trentino recipes, creating a unique gastronomic experience.

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Regional Produce

Dive into the kingdom of organic farming in Val di Gresta, famous for its vegetable production, with cabbage, carrots, celeriac, and potatoes standing out as signature crops.

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