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A treasure chamber by the Lake

Culture in the Garda Trentino region

An ancient treasure by the Lake

Between the picturesque streets of Torbole sul Garda, Arco and Riva del Garda, amidst the settlements around Comano, Ledro and the Valle dei Laghi, in Rango and Canale di Tenno, voted among Italy’s most beautiful villages, can be found witnesses to bygone eras that tell the story of Garda Trentino, its origins and culture.

Museums, churches and palaces; towers, archaeological sites (such as the pile dwellings at Fiavé and Ledro) and ancient fortresses, for example the imposing Castel Stenico, all make this history truly tangible. And, if the future is still in the stars, Garda Trentino offers only the finest prospects in terms of culture – with especially rosy panoramic views from the donjon, the main tower of the Rocca di Riva, or the Torre Apponale.

The cultural highlights of Garda Trentino
The (hi)stories of a region
Culture can be found in Garda Trentino wherever you look: the historic town centres, attractive “borghi”, castles and fortresses, museums, monuments to the “Grande Guerra” and farmers’ markets are just a few examples.
Cultural event
Make a note of these events – and let yourself be inspired by them!
Canale di Tenno - Lake Garda
In the region’s rustic villages, its “borghi” – some even ranked among Italy’s most beautiful villages – it might seem as if time has stood still. To really get to know the land, then, the “borghi” are an unmissable destination.