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Working and living the good life. This is an everyday reality for people who live and work in Garda Trentino. It’s a destination full of employment opportunities, lots of sporting activities, fun outings to plan, and new places to explore.

If you dream of working on the shores of Lake Garda, or surrounded by nature in Ledro Valley, a quaint village in Comano, or a vineyard in Valle dei Laghi, this is where you’ll find everything you need to know to make your next career change, today.

Find a job on the shores of Lake Garda

Looking for your dream job in the tourism sector? Or maybe you already work in the hospitality industry but fancy a change? Find your new job in Garda Trentino!

Crew Card
The hospitality industry’s new best friend

The Crew Card is for people who want to make holidays in Garda Trentino extra special, and make the most of their time off. Whether you’re into sports or a spot of shopping, with your Crew Card, you’ll have a world of opportunities in your pocket. 

Garda Trentino Academy

In a dynamic world like the tourism industry, keeping up with the times is a must.
This is why we created the Garda Trentino Academy: a host of dates for staying up to date with the latest trends and news in the sector.

A lodging for the season
Finding accommodation for those who work in Garda Trentino during the season is not easy. For this reason, ASAT, the Association of Hoteliers and Tourist Businesses, has launched a pilot project, making an entire hotel available for seasonal staff in the center of Arco. To learn more, write to asat.riva@asat.it or call the number +39 0464 557118.