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Does the mere thought of fishhooks, reels and rods put you in a good mood? Then come and discover the various species of fish that live in Lake Garda and the River Sarca and its tributaries. And that’s not all: the mountain lakes and numerous smaller freshwater streams of Garda Trentino can also offer major surprises to sports fishermen – at any time of year! A rich array of fish thrives in these natural ecosystems with their idyllic scenery. You can fish for trout, chub, bleak, tench, barbel, pike and carp in the waters of Garda Trentino. So, if you fancy a morning’s fishing, book your holiday now with a specialist accommodation provider.

There’s another reason to choose our crystal-clear waters for a fishing holiday:  you can go fishing in the lakes and rivers of Garda Trentino without an angling licence. All you need is a daily or weekly permit issued by the local angling association. These can be requested from any of the information offices in Riva del Garda, Arco, TorbolePieve di Ledro or from the authorised bars in Comano Terme; or get yours online from the Trentino Fishing website.

angling techniques
each area has its own angling technique

The gushing torrents, crystal-clear waters of the Alpine lakes and bright colours of the wilds are all ideal for practising various fishing styles.

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Associazioni Pescatori Dilettanti Alto Sarca
Associazione Pescatori dilettanti Trentini
Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Pescatori Valle di Ledro
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Associazione Sportiva Pescatori Dilettanti Basso Sarca
lodges for those who love fishing
Themed packages, proximity to the most attractive fishing spots, equipment storage and washing areas: the accommodation offered by the Trentino Fishing Lodge is very much angler-friendly! These lodges can provide everything you need for your fishing holiday, from waders to artificial bait kits and a box for your packed lunch. And, if you want to explore the waters of Garda Trentino in the company of an expert, you can rely on a Trentino Fishing Guide for tips from a local angler!
your personal guide to fishing in garda trentino

Would you like to learn new fishing techniques and be taught by an expert guide? Or are you new to the area and would like a few tips from someone who grew up among its lakes and along the banks of its streams? The Trentino Fishing Guides can reveal to you the secrets of fishing in Garda Trentino! They can take you to the most attractive fishing spots and, as you prepare for a day’s angling to remember, they will share information about the area and its fish species, as well as advising you on the most suitable fishing techniques and equipment. So choose your Trentino Fishing Guide and book a guided outing now!

fishing permits and angling licences
what you need to go fishing in trentino

After learning about the variety of lakes, rivers and fish species in Trentino, do you feel the urge to take hold of a fishing rod and attempt to catch a pike or a trout? While it’s a great idea, remember that anglers also need a fishing permit in Trentino! To get yours, contact the local association responsible for the water where you intend to fish – each one has a dedicated website where you can find a list of the places that issue permits. Permits for one or more days can be purchased in paper format from the various association offices, from authorised bars and restaurants or from tourist offices. If you would prefer a digital version, visit the Trentino Fishing website.

If you enjoy fishing all year round and you don’t want to have to obtain a visitor’s permit each time, you will need the following documents:

  • sports fishing licence (issued by the Autonomous Province of Trento)
  • provincial fishing authorisation (following an angling examination)
  • annual fishing permit issued by the association responsible for the water.

Budding young anglers up to the age of 16 years do not need these permits, provided they are accompanied by a holder of both a fishing licence and an authorisation.

For more information, contact the Wildlife Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

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