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Climbing at Lake Garda

Take it to the top!

It is not just Arco – itself a Mecca for climbers – that is famed among avid climbers worldwide, but the entire Garda Trentino region! Whether on its numerous climbing walls, with their excellent safety standards, or on adventurous deep-water routes on the cliffs, or perhaps even on a detour to the rugged rocks of the Sarca Valley – climbing at Lake Garda is a passion and a feeling for life.

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CLIMBING in GARDA trentino
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The best way to the top

It is not just the rock faces that offer some of Garda Trentino’s best places for climbers and mountaineers, but also the many fully qualified accommodation providers.


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Mountaineering routes
Safety first
Safety first
Safety Tips

Climbing safely means climbing responsibly! Please note the following safety rules by Adam Ondra & Stefano Ghisolfi:

  1. Wear a helmet at all times, both when climbing and under the climbing wall so as to protect against falling rocks.
  2. Before climbing, check all gear and equipment – climbing harness, carabiners, safety rope and knots – as well as belaying devices.
  3. Children who are not climbing must be kept away from the climbing walls, nor can they play near the climbing walls.
  4. Climbers must always secure themselves on all safety points on the wall! Falls are always possible, even on a “simple” route.
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Deep Water
Deep water solo
POETIC LINE: An extraordinary crossing on the water, about 300 m long, with a difficulty grade between 5c and 6c, reachable only from the lake. In Garda Trentino, where water and rocks merge creating a unique setting, an area dedicated to Deep Water Solo could not miss: rock climbing without ropes up sheer walls on the water.
All the area could be subject to stone falls from the overhanging rocky walls, it is isolated and an alert call could be difficult in case of accident; the lake’s waters are deep and cold and the motion of the rising waves sudden. It is advisable to be equipped with life vests and to foresee a supporting boat. We do as well suggest to address yourself to one of the numerous alpine guides that do endorse the location.

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