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From noon to night, getting around Upper Garda is easy peasy

Imagine being able to ask a bus to come and pick you up where and whenever you like, without having to consult a map or bus timetable. Well, you can do exactly that with Bus&Go, the demand responsive transport service for Upper Garda.
All you need to do is download the app, type in your point of departure and arrival, head to your nearest bus stop, and voilà, bob’s your uncle. Bus&Go is integrated with the public transport service: The app will automatically suggest the fastest solution.

And the best thing about it is that it only costs €2 each way to use the service. Better still, you can even travel for free if you have a Garda Guest Card!

Using Bus&Go is easy!

Download the app and type in your point of departure.

Add your destination
You have 30 seconds to confirm your trip: you can pay directly on the bus.
Head to the bus stop indicated by Bus&Go
The minibus will come to pick you up in a matter of minutes!
Want to see where your minibus is in real time?
You can track it on the app

Want to know more? Below you can find practical information and answers to FAQs about Bus&Go.


The Bus&Go app is available for both iOS and Android

The service operates only to/from existing bus stops. The booked trip can be changed as a result of subsequent bookings by other customers. Always check the app to verify the location of the requested bus.

Bus&Go tickets costs €2 each way and you can pay directly on the bus in cash. Alternatively, you can use any ticket that is valid in Upper Garda and issued by Trentino Trasporti (paper city tickets, season passes, top-up cards, and other passes)

Sure, you can carry one piece of hand luggage per passenger.

Yes, Garda Guest Cards are accepted on the Bus&Go service and guarantee you unlimited free travel.

The Bus&Go service restarts on April 2, 2024, to take you on a discovery tour of Garda Trentino again.

In the lakeside area, numerous buses already run throughout the day (find the regular bus schedules here). Therefore, Bus&Go examines the routes available from your stop and presents you with the quickest option to get to your destination.
The lake area includes: Riva del Garda (from the bus station along Viale Rovereto), Torbole sul Garda, and Nago.

Open the app and type in your point of departure and arrival: Bus&Go will calculate the best route options for you. You can then confirm your ride and track your bus.

You can either request a ride ASAP (Travel Now) or plan a ride for later on, by ___ am/pm (Plan Trip). 

If you have already booked three times and have not shown up at the bus stop, the system will exclude you from the service. After the second unsuccessful booking, you will receive an alert notification by e-mail.

Bus&Go is a stop-to-stop, not door-to-door service. Once you have typed in your point of departure and arrival, the app will tell you where you will be picked up and dropped off. It will also provide directions on how to get to your pick-up point and final destination.

Bus&Go is an extremely flexible shared service, which is why ride requests have a time limit. Users are given thirty seconds to confirm their ride request. This time limit gives everyone the chance to access the service.

Arrival times can sometimes be slightly delayed if several users are travelling in the same direction. The delay margin has a limit but allows several users to make use of the service, without causing excessive delays.

Of course! Bus&Go lets you request a ride for up to 5 people. But please note: all passengers must get on and off at the same stop.

For immediate trips, once you get to the screen that allows you to track your assigned bus, you can cancel your request via the button in the top right-hand corner.

For future trips, head to your confirmed requests in the 'My Trips' section of the main menu and cancel your trip.

No, you can't alter the details (point of departure or arrival and/or pick-up time) of a confirmed trip request. You will need to cancel your trip and submit a new request.

The same rules apply as for public transport: animals are allowed on board with a muzzle and lead. Larger dogs must possess a valid ticket (excluding guide dogs for the blind, visually impaired, deaf, or hard of hearing, which travel free of charge).

If you have a large dog, remember to buy a ticket for him or her, too.

Accompanied children under the age of 6 travel free of charge. A reservation is still required.

At the moment we only allow foldable buggies on board Bus&Go services.

Of course: we only ask you to specify if you’re using a wheelchair when you book the service.


No. We do not currently allow passengers to bring their bicycles on board.