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Lake landscapes

Garda Trentino, where nature is mirrored in its lakes

One destination – a thousand images

The landscape here ranges from wide lake shores to rugged mountain peaks, interspersed with lemon trees, olive groves and Mediterranean woodlands. In Garda Trentino it is nature itself that sets the rhythm of the panorama, with the woods around Ledro, the fields of Comano and the vineyards of the Valle dei Laghi.

And, while Lake Garda is of course the favourite, other smaller lakes, such as Lake Tenno, Lake Lamar in the Valle dei Laghi and Lake Ledro will delight visitors with their vivid colours and peacefulness, while the River Sarca and the Varone waterfall also make fine attractions with the sounds of nature and gushing waters.

The wonderful scenery of nature parks, high plateaus and conservation areas are all reflected in the water – not to mention your camera!

Walking barefoot is the simplest and most immediate way to reconnect with nature.