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Lago di Toblino


Lake Toblino, in Valle dei Laghi, is the romantic destination par excellence. Immersed in the scent of lemons, olives and rosemary, this body of water is particularly enchanting: the mountain barrier and the mild air from Lake Garda favour a Mediterranean type of vegetation. The lake, bordered by reeds, is the refuge of migratory birds and hosts many species of fish. The landscape is relaxing and ideal for walking and cycling in the green countryside.

Mediterranean climate and Alpine charm make Lake Toblino a special place with a unique landscape. On a promontory stands the Toblino Castle, used as a film set in the television series “The Veiled Lady”. When, in the morning, the Toblino Castle emerges like a dream from the mists of the lake, you understand why legend has it that the fairies lived there, respected and honoured by local people. A small temple was even dedicated to them, as mentioned on a plaque placed in the castle porch.

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