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A short (working) holiday


Working from home with a lakeside and mountain view

Can you choose where to work? If so, why not choose a destination where the summer season starts in March and ends in October, where you can play sport the minute you leave your desk and where life in its small towns makes you to feel like a real local? If the idea appeals to you, Garda Trentino is just what you need.

Why choose Garda Trentino? 

If you are thinking of trying out a remote work experience here are just a few good reasons to choose Garda Trentino.

  • The freshwater sea of the Alps

    Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. Similar in appearance to a Nordic fjord, it has a surprisingly mild, pleasant climate all year round. 

  • Loads of sport 

    In a relatively small area, you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor sports. From climbing to mountain biking, from windsurfing to tackling a via ferrata, from mountain running to wakeboarding, you'll find everything you need to quench your thirst for sport. Or maybe try something new.

  • The aperitif: a must 

    The aperitivo is an all-Italian ritual. Sitting at the bar, ordering a drink (be sure to try a glass of Trentodoc bubbly!) and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the centre, while the tension of the day disappears and you decide what to do in the evening. Isn't this the perfect way to get away from work? 

  • A refreshing dip 

    When the temperatures rise, why not take a break on the beach? Choose from Lake Garda, Lake Ledro, Lake Tenno, Lake Lamar or Lake Lagolo: the regenerating effect is always guaranteed! 

  • Not only pizza

    A good pizza is always an excellent solution for a quick dinner. But when you feel like a change, Garda Trentino has many other proposals: from the typical osteria to the little restaurant overlooking the lake, from the mountain refuge to the creative restaurant, here you can always give in to your taste buds with no regrets. 

  • Small towns, lots to do and see 

    The towns and villages of Garda Trentino are just the right size to keep you away from stress, but without boredom. Whether it's a yoga lesson on the beach, a concert in the square, a new place to try at aperitif time or a shopping trip, there will often be something to do that will make you postpone a business call. 

  • Cities at your fingertips

    If you miss the city, from Garda Trentino you can easily reach the big cities, and satisfy your craving for a dip into urban life. Verona and Bolzano are just 1 hour away, Milan and Venice are just over 2 hours away and even Munich is not that far (less than 4 hours). Not bad, right? 

  • Child-friendly 

    Travelling with the family?  While you work, the little ones can take a windsurfing, sailing or climbing course. They can learn how to ride a mountain bike without fear, have fun with their peers in a leisure centre or simply enjoy the adventure of living in the countryside. 

  • New inspiration, every day

    Wind, light, water, vegetation: we are talking about elements that change around you every day, marking the rhythm of the days and seasons. And as they change, they bring ideas, cues and different perspectives that nourish your creativity. After all, if you want to think outside the box... just leave the box! 


These facilities have everything you need to work well (for example, a comfortable workstation and a strong internet connection) - and to enjoy your holiday. 


Do you prefer to work in company and have someone to chat to during your coffee break? Garda Trentino offers functional and comfortable co-working spaces to make the time you spend at the computer more pleasant. 

Outdoor Bike - Lake Garda
An open-air sports hall!
Get a close-up experience of the outdoors, whether on the rock, on a trail, on a hiking path, on a picturesque side road or in the cooling waters of a lake: it’s not easy just to sit there when the natural world of Garda Trentino offers so many tempting opportunities.
Dolce Vita
Dolce Vita
Dolce vita
The joys of the Lake
Everything that makes for a wonderful holiday, everything that characterises the South, everything that promises the dolce vita, can be found... in Garda Trentino!