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Garda Trentino Logo
Garda Rangers

The Garda Rangers

The custodians of Garda Trentino

The Garda Rangers are the operational arm of Garda Trentino Outdoor Park. They comprise a team of professionals who move daily through the woods and mountains, along the ridges, and through the pastures of Garda Trentino, checking the condition of facilities and intervening where necessary.

Paths, via ferratas, cliffs, mountain bike trails: every route must be in the best possible condition. In this way, enthusiasts who choose our destination can devote themselves safely to their favourite sport without having to worry, thereby enjoying a truly memorable experience.

From checking signage to trimming vegetation, from clearing the undergrowth to maintaining via ferratas and the thousands of tasks required by this demanding landscape: the Garda Rangers never leave the house without their trusty toolbox! Busy beavers, they are often spotted in their pick-up trucks or riding e-mountain bikes.

Each and every trail in Garda Trentino undergoes multiple inspections, meticulous care, and regular maintenance throughout the year. To ensure no trail is overlooked, the Garda Rangers diligently document their inspections and provide weekly reports to the tourism board.

This unwavering dedication is how Garda Trentino consistently showcases its breathtaking beauty, offering you the safest environment for your outdoor adventures!

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