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Garda Trentino Outdoor Park is an integrated project for the development of outdoor sports, which aims to preserve, maintain and enhance the outdoor sports infrastructures of Garda Trentino, Valle di Ledro, Comano and Valle dei Laghi, a delicate and wonderful ecosystem made up of population, territory and landscape.

What the Garda Trentino Outdoor Park is:

  • A strong understanding: working together to generate ideas and bring initiatives to life.
    A strategic alliance between the Municipal Administrations, Apt Garda Trentino, the Valley Communities, the Forestry Department and the Autonomous Province of Trento, Local Police, local SAT (Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini) clubs and Biker Associations.

  • Commitment to the land: promotion of its respectful and sustainable use.
    Our territory must be valued and defended but, above all, used with full respect for the environment and landscape.

  • Order and rules for proper coexistence.
    Tourism is a resource for the economy, but it can become a problem without management and shared rules, in the relations with the population living in the area.

  • Territory and outdoor activities: a multi-year work in progress.
    Each year the development plan is discussed by the Technical Group, which includes representatives of all the stakeholders. The operational choices and interventions to be implemented are defined through specific, participatory meetings.

  • Guidelines to be transformed into concrete projects:

    • Planning and designing the development of the outdoor activities.

    • Preventing this from becoming a cause of degeneration.

    • Reducing the reasons for conflict with the population and the impact on the environment.

    • Conserving and defending spaces for sports in nature, by preserving the land from other uses.

    • Making the product more usable.

    • Maintaining the works in the long term.

    • Defining timeframes for intervention, management, communication and promotion and the commitment of those involved.

    • Reducing traffic and 'wild' parking in environmentally valuable areas, by developing alternative mobility with strategic car parks, bicycle and pedestrian paths, shuttle services.

The operational arm of the Garda Trentino Outdoor Park are the Garda Rangers, a team of professionals who move daily through the woods, along the ridges, on the slopes of Garda Trentino, checking their condition and intervening where necessary. 

Paths, via ferrata, cliffs, mountain bike trails: every route must be in the best possible condition. In this way, enthusiasts who choose our destination can devote themselves safely to their favourite sport and enjoy a truly memorable experience. 

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