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Outdoor Park


OUTDOOR PARK GARDA TRENTINO & LEDRO (OPGTL) is an integrated development project for outdoor sports which aims to preserve, maintain and develop the open air sports infrastructures in Alto Garda and the Ledro Valley, a delicate and marvellous ecosystem composed of the local inhabitants, countryside and landscape.

The guidelines:

  • COMMITMENT TO THE AREA AND ITS RESPECTFUL AND SUSTAINABLE USE Our area needs to be developed and defended but, above all, enjoyed in a manner which fully respects the environment and landscape.

  • A STRONG COMMITMENT: TOGETHER IN ORDER TO COME UP WITH IDEAS AND BRING PROJECTS TO LIFE – A strategic alliance between local administrations, the tourism boards Apt Garda Trentino and Consorzio Turistico della Valle di Ledro, Comunità di Valle, local police, local Sat mountaineering clubs, Biker associations, and the Forestry Department of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

  • ORDER AND RULES FOR PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE - A significant flow of tourists is a resource for the economy, but in the absence of proper management and without agreeing on regulations concerning relations with the inhabitants of the area, it can actually turn into a problem.

  • GUIDELINES TO BE TRANSFORMED INTO CONCRETE PROJECTS- Plan and design the development of outdoor activities. Avoid them becoming a cause of environmental degradation - Reduce reasons for tension with the inhabitants and the impact on the environment – Preserve and defend spaces for sport in natural surroundings, saving them from other uses - Make the product more easy to enjoy – Carry out maintenance on works over time – Define the time scale for interventions, management, communication and promotion and the commitment of the subjects involved - Reduce traffic and illegal parking in areas of natural interest, developing alternative means of transport with park and ride, cycle and pedestrian paths, shuttle services.

  • TERRITORY, ACTIVITIES, ATHLETES AND SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS: WORK IN PROGRESS OVER A NUMBER OF YEARS- The development plan is defined and discussed by the Technical Group which includes representatives of the subjects involved. -The plan will provide the guidelines and undertakings of each subject: each year, decisions will be taken in relation to the operative choices and time scale of intervention through specific meetings where the stakeholders come together in order to evaluate aspects which may give rise to conflict and agree on solutions.