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Garda Trentino Logo
Work in progress


During your outdoor adventures, you may find a few trails temporarily closed or maybe some trail signage missing. We apologize for this.

And we ask you to be patient. This is not carelessness but a work in progress! At this time, the Garda Rangers are walking our trails and working to keep them clean and tidy. We are also working on a big signage revision project, which will make our region easier to explore.

For us, environmental care and maintenance are serious matters and we are committed every day to allowing everyone to walk, ride, climb in safety and on well-managed trails. We can do all this thanks to the partners who believe in us and support us.

Would you like to help us, too?
You can do so by choosing one of the Premium Partner accommodations for your vacation. And by sending us feedback on anything important that you may notice during your stay: just fill out the form below to let us know!

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