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Swimming in open water
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Crystal-clear waters, ideal temperatures for training, and the feeling of freedom that you only get from swimming in natural surroundings. Do you feel like taking a dip? Garda Trentino offers lakes for open-water swimmers of every level of fitness. From the vastness of Lake Garda to the iridescent blue of Lake Tenno, complete with its central island as a refuge. From the bucolic setting of Lake Lagolo to those of Lake Lamar and the Lago Santo. From the spectacular ecosystem of Lake Terlago to Lake Ledro, with its shores perfectly positioned at 2.5 km from one another, so there’s no need to count the lengths. Choose a lake for your next open-water training session and dive into the cool, fresh waters of Garda Trentino!

Swimming in safety

  • Check the weather conditions before going into open water, as wind conditions can change quickly and the waves can rise. Sudden storms may also present a risk.
  • Always choose well-signposted beaches for swimming and swim well away from harbours, moorings or motorboat landing areas.
  • Always keep close to the shore (within 100 metres) so that you can easily reach dry land in case of emergency.
  • Swim in a group or have someone follow you in a kayak, a rubber dinghy or on a SUP board.
  • Always wear a wetsuit even in seemingly warm water: it will not only act as a buoyancy aid, but also protect you against cold currents.
  • Wear goggles with mirrored lenses to protect your eyes from the sun and choose large lenses to improve front and side visibility.
  • Make sure you are visible when swimming in lakes: use an inflatable buoy for open-water swimming or wear a brightly coloured bathing cap.
  • Avoid rivers and estuaries: currents can suddenly change in strength with a significant drop in temperature.