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Garda Jazz Festival
Continuum, from 1 to 14 August 2022

Music is a part of nature, and jazz evolves, following the non-stop, eternal rhythm of life. A natural development that becomes a form research and constant flux in the continuum. Garda Jazz Festival 2022 hopes to take audience members on an immersive journey through the evolution of jazz music. Classic sounds will be accompanied by carefully metered experimentation that strikes a balance between modern and classic jazz music. It will also represent a trip through Garda Trentino, where people, places, and music come together to express themselves through mutual encounters, interweaving the senses of several communities and incorporating them into the naturalness of daily life. The event programme will allow attendees to discover new and well-established artists and sounds as the festival unfolds in charming, intimate locations with incredible views.

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1 August - 6 pm
Flash Mob in collaboration with Consorzio Riva in Centro
Riva del Garda - Viale Dante "close to" Boutique Alberti


1 August - 8 pm
Flash Mob in collaboration with AssoCentro Arco
Arco, piazza III Novembre


1 August - 8 pm
Jazz Cafè - Pierantoni / Cassanelli / Pagliaccia Trio
Tenno - Cantina Torboli


2 August - 9 pm
Torbole - Piazzetta Hans Lietzmann


3 August - 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - “The Great American Songbook”
Riva del Garda - Hotel Luise


4 August - 8 pm
Jazz Cafè - Sabor Latino
Arco - Bio Essere Bistrò


agosto - 9 pm
Jazz Tales (replacing Cannonballmania)
Canale di Tenno


6. August - 12 am
Drena - Località Gac - Tenuta ai Maroneri


6 August- 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - Mood Quartet
Arco Impavida Birra Artigianale


August - 9 pm
I Dàien5
Riva del Garda - La Rocca


8 August - 9 pm
Jelly Roll Plays Morton
Riva del Garda - La Rocca


9 August - 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - Electric Trio
Nago - Forte Charme


10 August - 9 pm
Sophia Tomelleri 4th
Dro - Ca Del Nemoler


11 August - 9 pm
John Patitucci Trio
Arco - Castello di Arco


12 August - 9 pm
I Marrano
Riva del Garda - Hotel Du Lac et Du Parc


13 August - 9 pm
Lucy Woodward Live
Riva del Garda - Palazzo dei Congressi


14_August - 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - The Foundry
Arco - Sottotetto Urban Space


From 12th July to 15th August
Vernissage: il Garda in jazz by Philip Gaida
Riva del Garda - Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort





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Various locations in Garda Trentino
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