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Garda Jazz Festival

Getting Younger, from 31 July to 13 August 2023
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"There are few activities that stimulate the brain and our emotional and intuitive intelligence as intensely as listening to 'good' music.
We scientists are still trying to understand what happens in our brain when we listen to the music we like. But one thing is certain: listening to music, and even better, learning to play an instrument provides a total brain and emotional workout.
You may not be aware of it, but your brain has to perform a lot of math to make sense of all these mathematical impulses based on relationships between notes, the spatial architecture of musical intervals, and the distance between two notes; musical consonants (merged) or dissonant (in friction).
Recent functional magnetic resonance studies have shown that listening to music, especially 'new' quality music, not only improves mood, thanks to the release of dopamine (the hormone of happiness and well-being), but simultaneously influences multiple cognitive functions, enhancing verbal and visual memory, the ability to concentrate and creativity.
The fascinating results of some preclinical studies demonstrate that experimental mice living in environments enriched with cognitive stimuli (and music is a very powerful stimulus) are not only protected from brain atrophy and cognitive impairment, but surprisingly, they live longer.
But there's more: going to a concert fosters social relationships and emotional connections with old and new friends. Feeling part of a community that shares cultural, philosophical and spiritual values promotes health and longevity. In short, to sum up, 'music' is joy, well-being and health."

Luigi Fontana
Professor and Scientific Director of the Charles Perkins Centre RPA Clinic and the University of Sydney Longevity Programme

Program 2023

30 July - 6 pm
"WATER” There is more than what you see, don't stop at appearances”
Flash Mob in collaboration with A.G.S. and the Riva in Centro Consortium 
Riva del Garda - Viale Dante "close to" Boutique Alberti

31 July - 9 pm
A Swingin’ Affaire Greg and the 5 freshmen 

How did Greg respond when Maestro Pirone asked him to join the Five Freshmen? By donning his tuxedo and going to sing a collection of swing standards with a glass of Scotch in hand, and a repertoire of witty jokes to boot. 
Torbole, piazzetta Hans Lietzmann  

1 August - 7 pm
Jazz Cafè - Meet Trio
Tenno - Cantina Torboli

2 August - 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - Reverend and the Ladies
Arco - Impavida Birra Artigianale

3 August - 9.30pm
Jazz Cafè - Blue di Giada
Riva del Garda - Hotel Luise

4 August - 9 pm
Lorenzo Bellini 4tet
A talented quartet of young musicians from Berklee College Of Music in Boston, who promise to transmit the energy of East Coast Jazz and modern swing.
Dro - Centro culturale

5 August - 12 pm
Modern Saxophone Quartet “Peter and the Wolf”
“A wolf, four saxophonists, percussion, and other animals”. Tales retold and replayed.“
Drena - Parco

5. August - 9pm
Voci che resistono al vento - Serena Marchi 5tet
A project where jazz music intertwines with the legendary tales of the Dolomites, giving voice to revered female figures of tradition and myth
Canale di Tenno

6 August - 9 pm
The Peter Erskine 4th
A formidable quartet, united for the first time in Europe. Peter Erskine, a global jazz icon, has written beautiful chapters in musical history.
Riva del Garda - Palazzo dei Congressi

7 August - 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - Alice in Wonderland Trio
Nago - Forte Charme

8 August - 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - “Eu Vocè, Nos Quartet"
Arco - Ai Conti

9 August - 9pm
Jazz Cafè - Nuwe Lewe
Arco - Sottotetto Urban Space

10 August - 9pm
Matteo Mancuso*
In a remarkably short span of time, Matteo Mancuso has garnered global recognition as a guitar prodigy. His exceptional technique and precision captivate audiences, effortlessly traversing diverse musical genres.
Arco - Castello di Arco
*ATTENTION!!! Pre-sale seats sold out: in the event of favourable weather, an additional 100 seats will be made available on the evening of the performance and can be purchased on site.

11 August - 9.30pm
Francesca Tandoi Trio
Francesca Tandoi, hailed by critics and audiences as a remarkable talent in piano and vocals, shines brightly on the international jazz stage.
Riva del Garda - Hotel Du Lac et Du Parc
*ATTENTION!!! Places sold out: in the event of favourable weather, an extra 100 places will be made available for booking from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the same day on +39 0464 566600 int. 1

12 August- 9 pm
“Bird Lives Again !” New Project Orchestra Charlie Parker Tribute. Multimedia Opening with Seasaw Project
New Project Orchestra with arranger and guitarist Roberto Spadoni, paying tribute to the protagonist of one of the most important and influential revolutions to shake the jazz world.
Riva del Garda - Palazzo dei Congressi

13 August - 9 pm
Simona Severini “Fedra”
Her voice is a rare gem, and her music offers an original fusion of jazz and echoes of Renaissance music, creating an intimate and captivating experience.
Riva del Garda - Palazzo dei Congressi

31 July to 13 August - from 7.30pm to 9.30pm
“EMOZIONI SONORE ” for Garda Jazz Festival 
A photography exhibition by Christian Miorandi
Torbole sul Garda - Sala esposizioni ex Colonia Pavese, Via della Lova 8 

1 to 13 August - from 9.00am to 6.00pm
Garda Jazz 2023 Visuals
Visuals showcase designed by LABA- Libera Accademia delle Arti di Rovereto 
Tenno - Cantine Naturali Torboli - via del Molini  8 











1 August - 6 pm
Flash Mob in collaboration with Consorzio Riva in Centro
Riva del Garda - Viale Dante "close to" Boutique Alberti


1 August - 8 pm
Flash Mob in collaboration with AssoCentro Arco
Arco, piazza III Novembre


1 August - 8 pm
Jazz Cafè - Pierantoni / Cassanelli / Pagliaccia Trio
Tenno - Cantina Torboli


2 August - 9 pm
Torbole - Piazzetta Hans Lietzmann


3 August - 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - “The Great American Songbook”
Riva del Garda - Hotel Luise


4 August - 8 pm
Jazz Cafè - Sabor Latino
Arco - Bio Essere Bistrò


agosto - 9 pm
Jazz Tales (replacing Cannonballmania)
Canale di Tenno


6. August - 12 am
Drena - Località Gac - Tenuta ai Maroneri


6 August- 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - Mood Quartet
Arco Impavida Birra Artigianale


August - 9 pm
I Dàien5
Riva del Garda - La Rocca


8 August - 9 pm
Jelly Roll Plays Morton
Riva del Garda - La Rocca


9 August - 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - Electric Trio
Nago - Forte Charme


10 August - 9 pm
Sophia Tomelleri 4th
Dro - Ca Del Nemoler


11 August - 9 pm
John Patitucci Trio
Arco - Castello di Arco


12 August - 9 pm
I Marrano
Riva del Garda - Hotel Du Lac et Du Parc


13 August - 9 pm
Lucy Woodward Live
Riva del Garda - Palazzo dei Congressi


14_August - 9 pm
Jazz Cafè - The Foundry
Arco - Sottotetto Urban Space


From 12th July to 15th August
Vernissage: il Garda in jazz by Philip Gaida
Riva del Garda - Du Lac et Du Parc Grand Resort


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Supported by the municipalities of
Arco, Drena, Dro,
Nago, Torbole sul Garda,
Riva del Garda, Tenno,
and Assessorato alla Cultura della Provincia Autonoma di Trento.
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Various locations in Garda Trentino
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