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Festival Confluenze

Festival of responsible and inspiring tourism in a region that respects the environment

Sustainable tourism is the present and the future of tourism for those who truly care about the world in which they live, enter into a slow relationship with the territory and with the people who live there, with travel companions and with themselves.
The art of walking is full expression of this because the walk is slow, sustainable and attentive to everyone's needs, it is an immersive experience to reconnect with oneself, it is green because in close contact with nature and respectful of the environment in which the host communities are immersed.

The Festival aims at a responsible and environmentally friendly way of doing tourism and is driven by the desire to develop a new way of experiencing the territory and creating culture through the discovery of villages and paths, tradition and innovation.

The Festival will bring together visitors to learn about unusual itineraries and tourist routes, not present in the guides, but which, for their beauty and ability to evoke suggestions, are a paradigm of this new way of traveling, including historic villages that are the soul of the valley and that reflect the authenticity of the community. The village thus becomes the place where hospitality becomes for travelers an experience of encounter, growth, discovery of the human, productive and cultural heritage of the area.



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Various locations in Valle dei Laghi
Various locations in Valle dei Laghi
Biodistretto della Valle dei Laghi
Piazza Mons. Perli 3 - 38096 Vezzano
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