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Games of Cubes

Games of Cubes

A Beauty Game in Valle di Ledro

Versatile and functional street furniture? An original creation? The fruit of Valle di Ledro’s craftsmanship? Games of Cubes is all of this, and more!

The Creators

The brains behind Games of Cubes are Cesare and Giovanni Rosa, two craftsmen born and raised in Valle di Ledro. Together, they founded ROSALAB in 2022, a small carpentry workshop where they mainly create wooden furniture for indoor and outdoor use.

The Values Behind Games of Cubes

  • Wood: Wood is a truly sustainable material and has been one of the most important resources for Valle di Ledro for centuries. The installation establishes a direct relationship between environment and product, between an artwork made from trees and the land on which trees thrive.
  • Creativity: The idea behind Games of Cubes is the fruit of 100% Made in Valle di Ledro excellence. One of the objectives of the project was to give a voice to local talent, inviting artisans and creatives to interact with the local area.
  • Craftsmanship: Each installation is made entirely in Valle di Ledro, which has had a positive impact on the local economy and invites guests to stay longer and get to know the valley better through the creation of new points of interest.