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Bocca Trat straddles Valle dei Ledro and the 'busa', which is a hinterland north of Lake Garda, between the peaks of Val Concei and the ridges of Parì and Cima d'Oro. There are lots of opportunities for hikers in this area!
How to get there: Set off from the car park below Malga Trat and continue along the forest road (25 minutes).
The jagged peaks of Pichea dominate the horizon to the north, while Rifugio Pernici and the start of the SAT 413 trail to the Bocca Saval meadows can be found to the south. Traces of the First World War are clearly visible on these mountains. This is where the Austrian Army built barracks, trenches, outposts, and even an officers' mess and a military hospital. 

Bocca Trat
Bocca Trat
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