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Games of Cubes - Belvedere di Bezzecca


On the slopes of Monte Naé, between Val Molini and Val Concei, is where you’ll find a natural terrace with a view of Lake Ledro.
How to get there: Set off from Bezzecca and walk along Val dei Molini. Take the SAT 459 trail and turn right at the fork along the Cer forest road (1 hour 20 minutes).
Val dei Molini is the perfect place to recharge your batteries with a stroll through nature, while the village of Bezzecca has a very interesting history linked to Giuseppe Garibaldi, under whose command a major battle of the Third Italian War of Independence was fought here, and the First World War. Those who enjoy a challenge can choose to continue along SAT 424 to Malga Vies and onto Monte Cadria, the highest mountain in Valle di Ledro.

Forestale di Cer - Bezzecca
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