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40 Mile Range Challenge

30 April is an anniversary date of important events in the history of Torbole sul Garda: in 1945, the town that had just been liberated by the US Tenth Mountain Division (the American Alpini) saw the killing, struck by shrapnel, of
Commander Colonel William O. Darby and Sgt. Maj. John T. Evans and the death of 25 soldiers of the Division in the sinking of an amphibious vehicle in Lake Garda, whose bodies still lie there today, at a depth of -270 metres. Every
year at the end of April to commemorate these two events and the liberation, the historic Darby 40 Mile Ranger Challenge is held in which US soldiers serving on bases in Italy, Europe and directly from the United States participate.
The Benàch Association is present at the start at 06:00 in Peschiera del Garda and organises the arrival of the March in Piazza Lietzmann in Torbole: the first participants who decide to run the entire route usually arrive shortly before
midday, while the majority of participants start arriving around 14:00. At the end of the March at 18:00, 25 bells are rung to commemorate the fallen soldiers and then the winners are awarded.

All dates
26.04.2024 06:00 - 18:00 (Duration 12 h 00 min)
Piazza Lietzmann
Torbole sul Garda - Nago - Piazza Lietzmann
Associazione Benàch
Associazione Benàch
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