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Vino Santo
The "holy wine"

Vino Santo DOC

A true masterpiece

This wine owes its special name to its production process, with the grapes made into wine during Holy Week (“Settimana Santa”). After the harvest in October, the grapes from the indigenous Nosiola vine are laid out on a special wooden grille (“aréla”) and exposed to the Ora wind to dry.

The grapes lose around 80% of their volume, with some 16 litres of grape must obtained from every 100 kilos of raw fruit following drying. The grape are then pressed shortly before Easter as part of a festival to celebrate the process, with the fine juice then stored in oak barrels for at least six years. This protracted manufacturing process allows Vino Santo to be kept for 50 years and more.

Its dark gold colour and the almost oily character of the Vino Santo DOC make this wine a noble companion for high-quality cheeses and elegant desserts. But the Vino Santo can develop its full strength even in its purest form, as a wine for a meditative mood. It is a masterpiece that also meets the strict quality criteria of the “Presidio Slow Food”.