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Lago di Santa Massenza


Connected to Lake Toblino, Lake Santa Massenza has undergone numerous physical, environmental and biological transformations over time.

Formed after glacial erosion, Lake Santa Massenza is located in the eponymous outlying administrative district of the Municipality of Vezzano. A channel connects the lake to Lake Toblino, where the Gardesana national road passes by. The lake collects water from the River Sarca and Lake Molveno, which is then led to feed the hydroelectric power plant in Santa Massenza. The two lakes are joined and provide visitors with a highly romantic landscape. Fish-lovers will be amazed by the wide array of species to be found here: eels, barbels, carps, large carps, chubs, white fish, perches, sunfish, nase, ruds, European bullheads, tenches, roaches, rainbow trout, brown trout and suffia. The mild Santa Massenza basin is also a capital of schnapps, and a venue rich in vines, olive trees, broccoli and black truffles.

Lago di Santa Massenza
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