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Lago di Ledro

Vivid green forests, steep rock faces and, in the midst of it all, a sparkling blue stretch of water that invites you to jump in or simply to daydream. Lake Ledro is a mountain lake, a museum and, last but not least, an adventure park.

The “Lago di Ledro”, to give it its Italian name, is located at an altitude of 655 metres above Lake Garda, amidst the mountains of the Ledro Valley. In summer it not only attracts water sports enthusiasts who swim, sail and ride a wakeboard, but also anyone wishing to spend hot days with a picnic, a good book or just relaxing with the family on the shore. Adventure is to be had not just in the lake, but all around: whether hiking or mountain biking, nature lovers are sure to find lots to see and do in Lake Ledro’s green environs!

As an aside, Lake Ledro covers an area of just over 2 square kilometres, with a deepest point of 47 metres. Its water has even been used to generate electricity since 1928! At the beginning of the last century, the remains of pile dwellings were also found at the lake: dating back some 4,000 years, these can now be admired in the “Museo delle Palafitte”, the pile dwelling museum at Molina di Ledro.

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