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List of appointments dedicated to the world of alpinism and mountain

Experiences that leave a trace

“Mese Montagna” is something more than just a review of appointments dedicated tot the world of alpinism and mountain.

Is the occasion to encounter someone alike, to hold hands and to listen to stories that convey sacrifice and inspiration. This month “Mese Montagna” explores the idea of limit, both physical and mental. Limits to challenge and to overcome with athletic preparation, determination and boundless passion that unites those who love mountain walls, peaks and paths that lead to the top.



Friday 11st November
At 20.30 – Vezzano’s theatre – Event with Beat Kammerlander
“Visionaries of the Vertical World”

Beat Kammerlander with his ascents on the Rätikon walls made whole generations dream, exploring the limits of sportive mountaineering and taking it to the highest levels.

Introduces and translates Luca Calvi.


Friday 18th November
At 20.30 – Vezzano’s theatre – Event with Alessandro Baù

Like Clark Kent, when Alessandro Baù ceases to be a mechanical engineer he turns into a kind of Superman and goes around climbing the most beautiful rock walls in the world, often searching for new, difficult routes.

Introduces Alessandro Beber.


Friday 25th November
At 20.30 – Vezzano’s theatre – Event with Andrea Lanfri and Luca Montanari
“La lunga strada verso la felicità”

Is it possible to climb the highest mountain of the world, a maze of ice and snow where the oxygen runs low, for someone who’s had both legs amputated? Andrea Lanfri shows us hat miracles exist and the willpower can push us to cross unexpected goals

Introduces Luca Calvi


Life and sport in the mountain always been characterised by solidarity.
For this reason, every evening on the program includes the participation of a local association that works and is committed to social and solidarity issues. This year will participate:

11.11 Lilt Trento

18.11 Red Cross – Trento Committee

25.11 Trento Anti-Violence Centre

Ticket price:
•package 3 evenings € 20,00
•full price ticket for single evening € 8,00
•reduced price ticket for single evening (over 65 and between 18 and 11 years old) € 5,00
The ticket can be purchased online (with a pre-sale right of 1€ in addition to the cost of the ticket) and on site the same evening (subject to availability).
Book online
5,00 - 20,00 €
All dates
Teatro Valle dei Laghi
Vezzano - Via Antonio Stoppani
Garda Dolomiti S.P.A. - Azienda per il Turismo
Largo Medaglie d'Oro al Valor Militare, 5 Riva del Garda
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