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Water sport without a care

Water Sport in safety

If not on the Lago, then where?
  1. Inform yourself about wind, water, and weather conditions. In a short time, the wind can change, the swell can increase, and it can start to rain, even with thunderstorms. For this reason, it is important be able to swim even in rough water.

  2. Inform yourself about local regulations. When in doubt, ask for the advice of specialised guides and local people.

  3. In case of solo trips, inform someone about your planned itinerary and departure time.

  4. Only use boats and gear appropriate to your abilities and wear a CE certified lifejacket.

  5. Maintain the safety distance from public transportation crafts, respect right of way rules and do not cross the course of motorboats to avoid accidents and fines.

  6. Do not surf or sail in or near ports and swimming beaches.

  7. When swimming, choose bathing beaches, avoid harbours, motorboat launch lanes and rivers and stay within 100 m of the shore.

  8. When stand up paddling, always attach your leash, never leave your board, and keep a distance of 500 m from the shore and cliffs from which rocks could break off.