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Val d'Algone


Val d'Algone spreads out for about 15 kilometres; the wooded landscape is dotted with wide pastures and alpine huts, such as: Stabli, Nambi, Stablei, Vallon and Movlina; the last one is considered to be one of the most beautiful huts in the Brenta territory and it’s also the only one still used by shepherds. From the Movlina alpine hut, you can enjoy a spectacular view on Adamello Presanella.

This area is characterized by a rich fauna: chamois, roe deer, deer, groundhog, hare, wood grouse and many birds of prey, among which the golden eagle.

How to reach: from Stenico take the provincial road 34 towards Ragoli until you reach the bridge “Lisan” on stream Algone, where you have to turn right and continue on a paved road that traverses the valley and arrives at the Hotel Brenta. The next stretch of road that arrives at Movlina, is accessible only to a maximum of 60 vehicles a day and subject to a payment of a ticket. It is possible to book the toll in advance through the official website active towards the end of May.

Val d'Algone
Val'Algone - 38070 Stenico
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