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Laghi di Lamar

The Lakes of Lamar are a choice destination for fishermen and nature-lovers.
Located directly under Monte Paganella, the Lakes of Lamar were once a single body of water and got later split by a landslide in two distinct lakes - Lake Santo to the south and Lake Lamar to the north. The latter is incredibly clear and is surrounded by both woods and shimmering rocks. It also boasts a wide, grassy beach on its western flank. The lake's green waters are a popular tourist attraction, and feature the perfect relax venue. Both lakes are subject to Karstic phenomena - just like Lake Terlago, which is located only a few kilometres further up the valley.
The lakes are surrounded by the vast fir woods, which characterise this side of the Paganella. Their unique beauty and populous aquatic fauna make them extremely attractive to both nature-lovers and fishermen. The lakes are also used as a starting-point for a number of striking routes, which take visitors up to the peak of Paganella.


Laghi di Lamar
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