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Bosco Caproni

A wood that stimulates our fantasy

Discovering an area of great environmental interest and rich in historic and artistic vestiges; the “natural artistic works” refer to the event “Sculture Park Drena 3000”, a cultural event where nature and art are in accordance.

The view is enchanting. The vegetation is characterized mainly by the holm-oak, black pine and chestnut woods and olive groves. The flora counts more than 400 species and the fauna more than one hundred. The geological testimonies are represented by traces from the glaciation and by the typical karstic phenomenon in this piedmont area of the Basso Sarca.

Among quarries and uncontaminated nature it is a place to find your spirit again. And once you arrive at the summit of Mount Patone, your eyes can move freely on the Basso Sarca and its villages Ceniga and Dro, on its plentiful vineyards, orchards and olive groves down in the valley. Going down towards the starting point, along the ancient road set between the rocks, in the end we find ourselves in a small and fascinating valley deeply incised by the mountain streams. 


Opening period


Every last sunday of the month from March to November special opening of the Casa at Bosco Caproni. From 10 am until 4 pm, it will be possible to visit the house with an exhibition dedicated to the flight pioneer Gianni Caproni an to the oolite quarries. 

Special Openings: December 4 - 11 - 18. 

Bosco Caproni
38062 Arco
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