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Belvedere di Dromaè

The trenches dug during the First World War now build a beautiful viewpoint over Lake Ledro. The belvedere is also a good starting point to explore the history and nature of Dromaè.

The view from the belvedere: to the left the village of Molina and the mountains surrounding Lake Garda, right in front Monte Corno and Tremalzo, to the right the senter de le greste, the village of Pieve and the mountains of Val Concei. On a clear day the view can reach as far as the Adamello.

A ten minutes walk along the forestry road leads to the casinei, the typical mountain huts of Dromaè. In Spring the surrounding meadows turn white as they fill up with daffodils in bloom. An alternative to reach the casinei is to walk along he sentiero austroungarico (i.e. the Austro-Hungarian path) which runs by the trenches from the Great War.

Belvedere Dromae
Strada forestale per Dromaè - Coste di Salò
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