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Lomaso Potato Festival

A weekend packed with events to celebrate Piana del Lomaso and its most precious fruit, the Lomaso potato


A weekend packed with events to celebrate Piana del Lomaso and its most precious fruit, the Lomaso potato

The potato is without doubt one of the best loved, most widespread foods on Italian tables. Used in thousands of recipes, from north to south, it is deeply rooted in the traditions of many Italian regions, including, of course,  Trentino.

In particular, the “Lomaso Potato Festival is dedicated to a local variety, grown at high altitudes using natural methods. During the two-day festival, there are opportunities to discover all of the secrets behind potato growing, from sowing through to storage and - naturally - to taste it in a range of dishes.

The fourteenth festival is organised by CO.P.A.G. (Cooperativa Produttori Agricoli Giudicariesi), the Associazione Festa dell’Agricoltura/Palio dei 7 Comuni, and the Local Tourist Office of Piana del Lomaso, in conjunction with other local voluntary associations, including Abbracciamo, an association working to combat violence against women.

Lomaso Potato Festival is an event of Mese del Gusto, the “festival” of flavors and products of Garda Trentino. A series of delicious events that celebrate passion, tradition, and artisanal excellence.

Experience autumn delight in Garda Trentino and join the Mese del Gusto activities!

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Coop. Produttori Agricoli Giudicariesi
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