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All done by hand

Hand-crafted to perfection

Outstandingly refined!

Making good things even better – this is the credo of the numerous small craft enterprises in Garda Trentino whose passion infuses traditions and innovative technologies in equal measure.

This is especially true in the production of distillates – a circular economy where high- quality grappa types, such as Moscato Giallo, Grappa Teroldego or Nosiola, are extracted from the marc, a by-product of winemaking. High-quality distillates are also the basis for outstanding liqueurs: whether flavoured with berries, herbs, native plant roots or as a fruit distillate, the abundance of aromas is truly impressive. Taking the time to visit the distilleries for a tasting is essential in order to find your personal favourite.

In recent years, an almost forgotten tradition – beer brewing – has also taken on new life in the region. Numerous craft breweries have established themselves and combine brewing excellence with regional ingredients. A refreshing, well-made craft beer from a local brewery is definitely a must.

A sustainable approach to growing and processing also plays a central role at Omkafé, a coffee roastery in Arco, as well as at the Molino Pellegrini mill. Both are absolutely worth a visit: the roastery has its own small coffee museum, while the Pellegrini mill is one of the region’s few active stone mills, located directly on the picturesque Varoncello stream in Riva del Garda.