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Tourist tax

Tourist Tax

How it works in Garda Trentino

The tourist tax is a fee that guests pay when they stay in Garda Trentino. In summary, just like in many other popular Italian and international destinations with lots of tourism, the Province of Trento has set an amount that each visitor must pay based on the type of accommodation they choose and the duration of their stay.

In Garda Trentino, the tax amount ranges from a minimum of €1 to a maximum of €3 per person per night, for a maximum of 10 nights. The tax must be paid at your accommodation before the final day of your stay. Children under the age of 14 are exempt from this tax.

Here are the basic rates (price per person per night:

  • Hotel category 5 stars: €3.00

  • Hotel category 4 stars Superior and 4 stars: €2.50

  • Hotel category 3 stars Superior and 3 stars: €2.00

  • Hotel category 2 stars, 1 star and uncategorised: €1.50

  • Non-hotel accommodation: €1.50

  • Landlords letting private rooms: €1.00

  • Campsites, farm holidays and refuges: €1.50

What is the purpose of tourist tax?

Nobody likes paying taxes, right? But in this case, the funds collected through this tax go towards financing numerous services that significantly contribute to enhancing your holiday experience in Garda Trentino. And that's not all: thanks to the tourist tax, we can make important investments in maintaining and developing the region.

10% of the amount you pay during your holiday funds the activities of Trentino Marketing, the regional marketing agency for the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The remaining 90% of the amount stays right here in Garda Trentino, and it: 


  • Preserves the local area

    A portion of the funds is allocated to the activities of Garda Trentino the Outdoor Park and the Garda Rangers, our teams responsible for maintaining the trails and crags.

  • Supports the Garda Guest Card services

    Thanks to the tourist tax, you can enjoy the freedom of using public transportation, visit main attractions for free, and access exclusive benefits.

  • Improves safety on the beaches

    The lifeguard service in Garda Trentino, from Garda to Ledro to Tenno, is essential for worry-free relaxation.

  • Supports events and volunteering efforts

    Events bring Garda Trentino to life and involve both visitors and residents in entertainment, discovery, and competition. The tourist tax enables us to provide concrete support to event organisers.

  • Assists in organising your holiday

    All the free materials you find at the Garda Trentino info points are also produced using funds collected through the tourist tax.

  • Shapes the future of Garda Trentino

    Strategic and forward-thinking planning is essential for sustainable long-term regional development. Your contribution through the tourist tax allows us to conduct research and studies for the benefit of the region.

  • Supports the local crew

    During your holiday, you will encounter many people working in various tourism sectors—they are our part of our invaluable crew. That's why we have created a range of dedicated services for them.

  • Hotel accommodation (according to Article 5 of Provincial Law no. 7 of 15 May 2002 governing tourist accommodation):
    • Hotels
    • Bed & breakfast hotels
    • Tourist hotel residences
    • Hotel villages
    • Hotel operations subject to the “condhotel” regulations
  • Non-hotel accommodation (according to Article 5 of Provincial Law no. 7 of 15 May 2002 governing tourist accommodation):
    • Landlords letting private rooms
    • Farm holidays
    • Bed & breakfast accommodation
    • Holiday homes and apartments
    • Youth hostels
    • Holiday homes (indirectly managed establishments)
    • Offers meeting the “albergo diffuso” concept
  • Accommodation for tourist purposes (according to Article 37 to Provincial Law no. 7 of 15 May 2002 on tourist accommodation):
  • Accommodation outdoors (according to Articles 3 and 23 of Provincial Law no. 13 of 4 October 2012 and Provincial Law of 2012 on campsites):
    • Campsites
    • Camping villages
    • Holiday parks with campsites
  • Accommodation for farm holidays (according to Article 2 of Provincial Law no. 10 of 30 October 2019 on farm holidays).
  • Accommodation in huts and refuges (according to Article 23 of Provincial Law no. 8 of 15 March 1993 on refuges and hiking trails).
  • Minors up to 14 years of age.
  • Guests or patients receiving therapeutic treatment in recognised public or private health facilities who are covered by the Italian national health service.
  • Persons accompanying guests or patients who are receiving therapeutic treatment in recognised public or private health facilities and who are covered by the Italian national health service. No more than one accompanying person per patient is permitted.
  • People with disabilities who have been certified by the applicable Italian legislation in accordance with Article 3 of Law no 104 or by similar provisions of the countries of origin of foreign nationals and any person accompanying them.
  • Applicants for international protection, unaccompanied foreign minors and victims of people trafficking who are temporarily being housed in accommodation establishments.
  • All persons staying in accommodation establishments on the grounds of official orders, e.g. in emergency situations due to natural disasters or events of an exceptional kind.
  • Law enforcement and civil protection personnel in the exercise of their duties.
  • Relatives of patients admitted to health facilities and hospitals
With the exception of minors up to 14 years of age, guests must claim exemption from payment of the tourist tax using the form supplied by the accommodation provider in accordance with Articles 46 and 47 of Legislative Decree no. 445 of 28 December 2000.