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SAFE hiking

Seven top tips for tours in the mountains

tip 1
When choosing a route, make sure that you have sufficient technical ability and choose a tour appropriate to your physical condition and stamina. Inform yourself about the exact course of the route. You should definitely pack a topographic map and, if you are going as a group, the route should always be suitable for the less fit members of the party!
tip 2
The right equipment and appropriate clothing are essential for safe and pleasant hiking. Emergency equipment and a first-aid kit are must-haves for any tour!
tip 3
Do not go off on your own in the mountains if possible. Before you leave, make sure you inform at least one other person of your plans, your route and when you expect to return.
tip 4
Obtain detailed information about the meteorological conditions and keep an eye on the weather while you are out. In case of doubt, turning back is better than being exposed to the risk of a storm. Should the weather rapidly deteriorate, evaluate any alternative routes that will bring you to shelter sooner.
Tip 5
Always take your rubbish home with you. Respect the local flora and fauna and avoid unnecessary detours off marked trails. Respect the local culture and traditions and be aware that you are a guest in a sensitive natural environment.
Tip 6
All the hiking trails described run through natural surroundings and you use them at your own risk.
Tip 7
Call the following number in case of emergency: 112.
Not feeling safe enough? call one of our mountain guides!