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Lago di Valagola

In a real oasis of the Gruppo di Brenta, right at the heart of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, valley Brenta and valley Agola worm their way in a suggestive landscape. The first one leads to the heart of the Dolomites through old alpine huts and the mountain hut Brentei, while the latter arrives at Dos del Sabion and Francigli. The dirt road climbs up gently to the alpine hut and lake Angola (1596 meters).

This lake is 300 meters long and 140 meters wide and it’s one of the few ones in Gruppo di Brenta. It’s surrounded by a marvelous forest of larches and firs, while near the alpine hut you can find monumental centuries-old beeches.

Lago di Valagola
38070 Comano Terme
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