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Lago di Terlago


Trentino's most thriving lake ecosystem

Lake Terlago is located in the eponymous town just a few kilometres away from Trento. With its abundance of underwater vegetation and fish, it boasts the richest lake ecosystem in Trentino. This vast, shallow, hillside lake is located in a basin bearing its same name, 416 m above sea level.
The lake's waters feature a unique brown-olive green shade as a result of its highly diverse flora. It also boasts a surface of 350 thousand m², and is considered a veritable paradise amongst fishermen, who come to the lake for the profuse variety of prized fish species, including pikes, native lake trout, carps, tenches, chubs etc. Some of the most ancient archaeological findings connected to the lake date back to the late Palaeolithic era, approximately ten thousand years before Christ.

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