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Lago di Lagolo

Located deep within the forest, Lake Lagolo is fed by a number of springs scattered near its shore and by underwater infiltrations. The latter are easily spotted in the wintertime, between December and March, when it gets really cold. The lake is surrounded by meadows and fields, as well as conifer and broadleaf forests. In the summertime, visitors can bathe in its waters, while in winter, the lake freezes on the surface and is ideal for skating.
Legend has it that the lake was once located further up the mountains, but that it suddenly and magically dropped, flooding the thick woods of the area. Visitors can still catch a glimpse of the remaining underwater woods. People in the area also believe that its waters have therapeutic properties for the skin. This is however just the result of the effects such solitary lakes have played on our imagination over time - especially those located faraway, in the middle of a forest.

Lago di Lagolo
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