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Casa degli artisti "Giacomo Vittone"

A centre of great cultural interest in the medieval village Canale, by now, even known abroad. It was born in the sixties conceived by the amateur painter Giacomo Vittone, who came up from Riva del Garda until the village by bike to paint. Later it has become a legal foundation consisting of three villages: Tenno, Riva del Garda and Arco. Its activities are concentrated on conferences, summer courses, hospitality for artists, Academies and Art Schools, continuous expositions dedicated to yesterday’s and today’s artists. Among these initiatives we indicate different sections:
Exhibitions –Important exhibitions are continuously offered to the tourists and amateurs. Among the most important we indicate: “International Biennial of Graphic Art”, “Goya Incisore”, “Tra Sogno e Magia”, original graphic works from Dalì, Mirò, Vasarely, Tamburi, de Chirico, Ricasso, Dürer, Rembrandt and exhibitions of topical subjects.
Conferences – Of great importance were the meetings about Manzoni and Goethe, “Aesthetronica in Nuce” (dedicated to Art in Two Thousand). Refresher courses in limb therapy (use of the limbs for  therapeutic purposes), “Nuova arte Nuova critica”, (art critics and artists confronting).
Summer Courses – During the summer season there are private courses in different artistic disciplines like: ceramics, painting, engraving, dancing, working with paper, photography.
Residence for schools – Also the Academies and Art schools find hospitality at the Casartisti; others like: Academy of  Brera (Milano), Academy Cignaroli of Verona, Art Academy of Udine, Art Academy Carrara of Bergamo already stayed there, besides Italian and foreign Art Schools of Basel, Salzburg, Zurich, Innsbruck, Kebech etc.
La Casa degli Artisti offers also hospitality to single artists from each nationality, who find inspiration and peace in this enchanting environment. The artists can make use of the equipped workshops. The guests have always donated their works to the Casa and in this way they make a contribution to the “Collection of Casartisti”: sculptures, paintings, ceramics and graphic works.
Among the guests who stayed or visited the Casa we remind: Paloma Picasso, the producer Squarzina, Mario Rigoni Stern, Pino Margoni, the editor Bemporad, the artists Santomaso, Tono Zancanaro, Pietro Ghizzardi, Ugo Sterpini, Luca Crippa and other personalities: Gino Bartali, Mario Canali, Italo Alighiero Chiusano, Fabio Fazio, Osvaldo Bevilacqua, Dino Sarti and art experts: Vittorio Sgarbi, Giancarlo Vigorelli, Renzo Margonari, Giancarlo Cauteruccio, Giorgio di Genova and others. 



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Period: 25.03 - 02.07 mo tu we th fr sa su
10:00 - 12:00
14:00 - 18:00
may 1st and april 10 open
Period: 04.07 - 30.09 mo tu we th fr sa su
10:00 - 12:00
14:30 - 18:30
Casa degli artisti "Giacomo Vittone"
Villa Canale 49 - 38060 Canale di Tenno
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