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Garda Jazz Festival - I Marrano
Jazz concert. Booking required




Diego Carbon - Voice
Irene Pertile - Voice
Angela Castellani - Voice
Miriam Romano - Voice
Franz Bazzani - Piano
Rudi Speri - Guitar
Pier Brigo - Double bass
Leonardo Rizzo - Drums


The Italian vocal quartet I Marrano – known to the public thanks to its participation in Sanremo Young and other Italian television programmes – revisits great Italian swing hits of the early twentieth century with original arrangements. Their voices are accompanied by a quartet of talented and well-known jazz musicians, AKA I Bellimbusti.

The musical performance will be accompanied by authentic tap dancing and elegant 1930s and ‘40s costumes, which will draw you into another dimension, where music, song, and dance come together to fill audience members with joy.


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For info and reservations call +39 334 3940091.
All dates
Hotel Du Lac e Du Parc
Riva del Garda - Viale Rovereto 44
Smag scuola musicale - Garda Jazz festival
Viale Guella 6 - 38066 Riva del Garda
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