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Olive oil
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Olive oil from Lake Garda

The green gold

It is not only the taste of the olive oil from around Lake Garda that is so special, but also the fact that Garda Trentino is the world’s northernmost growing area for the traditional production of olive oil. The special microclimate of the northern shores of Lake Garda offers ideal conditions for obtaining first-class olive oil at a latitude of 46 degrees north.

With considerable respect for the natural surroundings, olive trees have been grown for centuries on the sunny, cultivated terraces of Garda Trentino. The olive groves in Garda Trentino represent a cultural good: they have been passed down the generations by responsible, forward-looking producers to form the basis of top-quality olive oils.

Among the various olive varieties, the indigenous Casaliva variety should be mentioned. Its high-quality olives are used to create a virgin olive oil with a golden-green colour and a delicate scent of green almonds, artichokes and aromatic wild herbs.

The ambitious producers of olive oil on Lake Garda have received prestigious awards for their excellent work on both the national and the international stages. An important milestone in future quality policy was achieved in 1998 with the granting at European level of protected designation of origin status – DOP Garda Trentino. The municipalities of Arco, Riva del Garda, Nago-Torbole and Tenno each form part of the national association known as the “Città dell'Olio”.

DOP Garda Trentino olive oil is not only one of just a few Italian olive oils to meet the strict DOP quality criteria – it also embodies the pride and history of an entire region.