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Tour of Misone - Nr. 1801
Tenno, Garda Trentino
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According to bikers from around Lake Garda, Mount Misone offers a tour that fits only the most adventurous, experienced, well-trained and tecnically skilled bikers; this tour is characterized by very diverse features. As a matter of fact, the enchanting panorama of Garda Lake is counterbalanced by a very steep ascent and by a descent on a not less challenging trail.
Definitely less demanding and more enjoyable is the tour of Mount Misone starting from the south end of Comano valley. After the departure from the car park of "Bistrot Erika Eis" - in the nice village of Fiavé - a gentle uphill ride on solitary paved and dirt roads takes through Cornelle to Passo del Ballino (Ballino Pass) and, a little further on, to the road leading to the village of Ballino (750 meters a.s.l.), which is the highest point on the west side of Mount Misone.


Narrow dirt roads depart from there and gently descend till the turquoise water of Lake Tenno, a lake looking very familiar to any biker from around Lake Garda. This is a place for those willing to refresh a bit before riding on through the wonderfully restored historical villages of Canale and Calvola and reaching the quite steep, paved uphill road leading to Mount Calino. Once reached the mountain shelter Rifugio San Pietro, the reward consists of the delicious specialties of Trentino served therein and of an extraordinary view on the area of Lake Garda.


After getting nourished, the ride continues downhill, at first on a slightly descending dirt road and then along a very challenging, stony stretch through the forest till a place known as "Pra della Vespana".  This is the point of departure of a short singletrail taking to Val Lomasone. Those bikers who find this singletrail too demanding can keep left and, immediately after the crossroads, take the dirt road departing from there, which - though also taking to Val Lomasone - is definitely less demanding.


Once there, an easy stretch running along the valley unfurls on a dirt road that later turns into a paved road reaching the limit of the village of Dasindo; from there a sharp turn to the left followed by a turn to the right into a narrow, steep paved road takes through the village of Favrio and then back to Fiavé, namely to the departure point nearby "Bistrot Erika Eis". Once there, bikers may decide to taste a homemade ice-cream or one of the cakes prepared with locally-produced ingredients.

Route info
28,7 km
Activity time
3 h 55 min
838 m
838 m
Physical effort
Highest point
971 m
Lowest point
500 m
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