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International Trail Rating System

The MTB tours in Garda Trentino are classified according to the ITRS (International Trail Rating System) developed by IMBA Europe, an objective way to assess trails and routes from a biker’s perspective.

The ITRS system informs bikers about the skills necessary to safely master the various challenges of trails and routes, taking into account four aspects which reflect the fascination and complexity of mountain biking: Technical Difficulty, Endurance, Exposure and Wilderness. Each aspect has its own scale expressed through an easy and intuitive colour code.

You’ll find the ITRS symbol on Garda Trentino information material and on signposts. This way, you’ll always have an eye on the main features of routes and trails, and you’ll be able to assess which tours are best suited to your abilities and needs.

We thank IMBA Europe for their precious collaboration. We are happy to work together to create an orientation system centred on the needs of bikers who love and frequent Garda Trentino.