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Tour della Valle dei Laghi

Valle dei Laghi, Arco, Dro & Drena
Duration in hours
Distance in km
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The many cycle paths on this route and its quiet, secondary roads leading towards Terlago are the main elements of this appealing tour, characterised by continuous ups and downs.

The aim of this tour is to cross the well-known Valle dei Laghi. The stunning beauty of Lake Cavedine is enhanced by the lively fishing industry in Lake Santa Massenza and the romanticism of Lake Toblino. But first, we make a brief stop-off in Terlago where we can admire Lake Terlago.

A pleasant, quiet itinerary that is almost traffic-free. But this doesn’t mean that it’s an easy ride. On the contrary...technically speaking, the route is something of a roller coaster. Overall, the climbs are not impossible, but they feature many short bursts that could destroy your legs if you’re out of training.


Further information and useful links

For more information on routes and bike services: rentals, workshops, shops and cycling friendly accommodation - APT Garda Trentino  Tel. +39 0464 554444 

Route info
Route number
64,8 km
4 h 25 min
Altitude difference (+)
570 m
Altitude difference (-)
570 m
Technical skills
Physical effort
Highest point
567 m
Lowest point
85 m

The route features many bodies of water. Having your phone or camera with you to capture their beauty is an excellent tip.

Safety guidelines
  1. Give your bike a regular checkup, especially if you've had it for years.

  2. Be seen: you must wear a high vis jacket (or sash) in tunnels and on country roads after sunset.

  3. Always wear your helmet.

  4. Make sure your front and rear lights are working.

  5. Put out your arm to give advance warning of your intention to change position and before you do anything, check there are no vehicles coming up behind you.

  6. Don't use headphones or your mobile phone handsfree kit: you need all your concentration on the road!

  7. Obey the road signs: stop at traffic lights and don't ride on the wrong side of the road.

  8. If you are cycling in a group, always go in single file.

  9. You've got a bell: use it to let pedestrians know you're there. Don't ride on footpaths. If you have to then get off and push your bike.

  10. If there are cycle paths use them. It's your safety that's at stake and the rules of the road say you must.

Punto di partenza
Arco - Sarca bridge

Our itinerary begins at the start of the cycle path, just outside the centre of Arco, in the car park near the bridge over the river Sarca. On the cycle path we skirt the Sarca for several kilometres. It then ends in the Ceniga area, where we turn left. First, we cross Ceniga, then Dro. Having reached the church we carry straight on, then continue straight ahead at the roundabout too, a few metres later. We pass the flyover and after a short straight section of road the only hard part of the day commences: a few kilometres towards the Marocche di Dro nature reserve.

A few bends later, we come to a crossroads where we take a left turn and head towards Lake Cavedine. After a few hundred metres, a pleasant descent begins, leading down to the lake. Flat, slower sections alternate with short, faster parts. We stay on this road for about ten kilometres, until we reach Ponte Oliveti. Here we take a right turn, cross the bridge and begin climbing again. 1.3 kilometres along the road, on the left we turn on to the road that takes us to Calavino. We make our way through its residential area and turn left when we reach the provincial road. We stay on this road for various kilometres until we reach Vezzano. We continue on the main road for a few metres, but leave it immediately, entering the old town centre on the right, and continuing through the houses.

At a certain point, on the left, we find the crossroads where the SP18 of Lamar and Vezzano begins. We pass through Fraveggio, Lon, Ciago and Covelo, then end up in Terlago. We pass the church and, squeezing tightly between two houses, we turn right, following the signs for the cycle path. We take the cycle path, riding its full length to return to Vezzano. Having left the town behind, we cycle the same road downhill. Halfway down, we exit on the right in the direction of Padergnone. At the end of its built-up area we take a right turn towards Santa Massenza. We ride along the side of the power station and then the lake, continuing southwards, also skirting Lake Toblino.

We reach Sarche and at the roundabout continue straight ahead, following the signs for the cycle path. At Pietramurata we have two options: continue on the cycle path that goes from the Fies power station; or take the same road back from Lake Cavedine. At Dro we push on until we reach our departure point in Arco.

public transportation

The towns in Garda Trentino - Riva del Garda, Torbole sul Garda and Arco – are connected by several urban and intercity bus lines which will take you to the starting point or in the immediate surroundings.

For up-to-the-minute information on timetables and routes

You can also get to Riva del Garda and Torbole sul Garda by the public ferry service.


How to get there
Where to park

Free parking in Caneve (5 min. walk from the town centre).

More Pay parking: Foro Boario parking, via Caproni Maini (Car park near the bridge), Post office (Via Monache).

Riding your bike requires specific clothing and equipment, even for relatively short and easy trips. It is always better to be prepared… e.g. for bad weather or a drop your energy levels. The unexpected things also make up a part of the fun!

Do not compare a road bike with a mountain bike. They are very different, especially in technical terms, and facing a hill with a road bike could be much more difficult than facing the same hill with a MTB. Therefore, remember to throughly evaluate the type of route you plan to do and the locations you plan to cross. Do not forget to consider the current season. Has it been raining? Attention: the paint of the crosswalk could be very slick.

What do I need to bring on my bike tour?

  • Bike helmet
  • Bike gloves
  • Bike glasses
  • Waterproof/Windproof jacket
  • Headlights and rearlights
  • Reflecting suspenders
  • Plenty of snacks (for example, dried fruit or energy bars)
  • Water Bottle
  • Bike repair kit (tire levers, mini bike pump, bike tube)

It is always advised to let someone know where you plan to go and how long you expect to be.

Emergency telephone number 112.

Dro & Drena
E-Bike Stop Pietramurata
bike stop
Dro & Drena
E-Bike Stop City Hall Dro
bike stop
Dro & Drena
E-Bike Stop Bicigrill Dro
bike stop
E-Bike Stop Parking Carmellini - Arco
bike stop
E-Bike Stop Bicigrill Moletta - Arco
bike stop
Torbole sul Garda - Nago
Carpentari Cycling Stories
Riva del Garda
bike shop
Torbole sul Garda - Nago
Garda Bike Shuttle
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Moser Sport Arco
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