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Hike to Rifugio San Pietro
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Hike to the mountain hut with the most envied panoramic terrace in the upper Garda.

Rifugio Monte Calino - San Pietro lies on a beautiful meadow with a wide view over the upper Garda. Its structure was obtained from the hermitage adjacent to the ancient medieval church, which is still well preserved.

The ample garden area is furnished with a playground for children.

The mountain hut can also be reached by car. The parking area is 500 m from the facility, and is connected by a comfortable road. It is therefore also suitable for children in prams or for people who have trouble moving about. By contacting the manager, it is also possible to request motorised transportation.

Further information and useful links

For more information on routes and hike services, guides, shops and hiking friendly accommodation: all about trekking in Garda Trentino - Tel. +39 0464 554444 

Route info
5,2 km
Activity time
2 h 45 min
510 m
510 m
Technical skills
Physical effort
Highest point
966 m
Lowest point
457 m
Do not forget to bring your camera to take pictures of the beautiful panorama 
Safety guidelines

The final part of access to the mountain hut via trail 401 is classified with difficulty level EE (Escursionisti Esperti - Expert Hikers). In fact, a section about 15 m long is equipped with a good steel handrail which helps with the rather exposed crossing.

The path, in wet or damp conditions, can be very slippery.

1) Prepare your itinerary

2) Choose a route that is suitable for your skill level

3) Choose suitable equipment and gear

4) Consult the snow/weather bulletins

5) Heading out on your own is more risky

6) Leave information on your itinerary and on the approximate time you expect to return

7) Do not hesitate to seek the support of a professional

8) Pay attention to the information and signs that you find along the trail

9) Do not hesitate to follow your steps backwards

10) In case of an accident, sound the alarm by calling the emergency number 112.

Please note that the practicability of the itineraries in a mountain environment is strictly linked to the contingent conditions and is therefore influenced by natural phenomena, environmental changes and weather conditions. For this reason, the information contained in this page may have changed. Before leaving for a tour, make sure the path you will approach is still accessible by contacting the owner of the mountain hut, the alpine guides or the visitor centres of the nature parks, the info offices of the local tourist board.

Punto di partenza

From the parking area mentioned in the access section, you return to the bend on SS421. You will see a mule track that climbs sharply. Following markings for trail 401 (directions for Rifugio San Pietro), you travel the gravel road that leads to the medieval town of “Calvola”, at 640 m asl.

You cross the town and continue along trail 401, following the signs for “Rif. Monte Calino San Pietro”. The route climbs a narrow cobble road and then a path, partially on rocky terrain, running through the vegetation. At 789 m asl, you reach “Doss de la Cros”, where you cross the paved road near a parking area.

You climb along the paved road to the “Calino” turn-off at 850 m asl. Here, you follow directions for trail 401, which invite you to turn right in the direction of Rifugio San Pietro. You continue along the road until you end up on a narrow forest road which pulls off to the left, with signs for trail 401 for “Rif. San Pietro”. After about 50 m, the road makes a hairpin bend to the right. Right on the bend, you take the path (marked 401) that climbs sharply. The final section (difficulty level EE) has a steel handrail which helps with the rather exposed crossing, which is only a few metres long. In this way, you come to the mountain hut’s panoramic meadow.

To return, you follow the same route backwards.

public transportation

The towns in Garda Trentino - Riva del Garda, Torbole sul Garda and Arco – are connected by several urban and intercity bus lines which will take you to the starting point or in the immediate surroundings.

For up-to-the-minute information on timetables and routes

You can also get to Riva del Garda and Torbole sul Garda by the public ferry service.

How to get there

From Arco di Trento, you follow road SS421 in the direction of Tenno, Passo Ballino. On the last bend above the town of Tenno, you turn onto “Via di Revedù”. You continue for a short while and stop in the parking area that is clearly visible on the right hand side of the road.

Getting to northern lake Garda / Garda Trentino

Where to park
Pay parking at Lake Tenno

You need to be wearing the right clothing and take the proper gear when you go hiking in the mountains. Even on relatively short easy outings make sure to take all you need so you don't run into trouble if things take an unexpected turn, for example a storm blows up or you have a sudden drop in energy levels.

What should you take when you go on a hike?

What you should have in your rucksack (for a day trip a 25/30L capacity should do):

  • water canteen (1L)
  • snacks (e.g. mixed dried fruit or chocolate)
  • First aid kit
  • windproof jacket
  • fleece
  • change of t-shirt and socks (in a plastic bag)
  • make sure to wear or at least bring a pair of long trousers
  • hat
  • sun screen
  • sunglasses
  • gloves
  • whistle to attract attention in an emergency

emergency telephone number Mountain Rescue 112


Make sure you're wearing the right footwear for the trail and season. The going can get rough and rocky underfoot and a pair of hiking boots will protect you from sprains.

When wet, a grassy slope, rocky slab or steep trail can be dangerous unless you are wearing the proper footwear.

And finally... ... don't forget to bring your camera! You'll need it to capture the stunning views you come across all over Garda Trentino. And if you like, you can share your memories with us at #GardaTrentino.

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