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Via Fiume e il quartiere del Marocco


Where the authentic soul of Riva del Garda is hidden 
Leaving the old port of Riva del Garda behind us, we head into the medieval heart of the city.
Via Fiume was once the main road of Riva, lined with the homes of the town’s most prominent families, and many commercial businesses.  Today the narrow road is still as vibrant as ever, with its characteristic shops, restaurants and artisan workshops. 
Moving towards the slopes of the Rocchetta, the mountain that overlooks Riva, we enter the Marocco neighbourhood. Its name is thought to derive from the dialect term “marocche”, meaning “large boulders”, and refers to those detached from the mountain and used by the inhabitants over the centuries to build their homes.   
The neighbourhood is characterised by narrow streets and colourful houses that slope upwards and tell stories of a folkloristic past, featuring small artisan workshops, the hustle and bustle of daily life and the voices of women around the ancient wash house. Right in front of it, in the main square, there is also the Palazzo del Vescovo, an elegant home that was formerly the residence of the Prince Bishop of Trento. 
Looking closely, among the chimneys of the houses, we can still make out sections of ancient walls, all that remains of the old city walls and probably those of a castle. 


Quartiere del Marocco
Via Marocco - 38066 Riva del Garda
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