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Tibetan bridge


A walkway suspended above nature

No less than 120 metres long and only 1 m wide, the Tibetan bridge inaugurated in 2023 crosses the bed of the Rio Secco river and completes the tour of Lake Tenno. 
It is a structure supported by steel cables, set back about 100 metres from the lake shore.  The choice of this position is not accidental: in fact, when walking along the bridge this way you get a bird’s eye view of the most extraordinary naturalistic area of the basin that hosts the lake. 
Here you can see both the gravel carried by the Rio Secco (don't let the name fool you: most of the time, the river seems almost to be dry. But with just a few drops of rain it soon rages like mad!) and dense, lush vegetation: thanks to the suspended walkway this corner of the wild can retain all its beauty. 

Lago di Tenno
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