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Castel Toblino

This is one of the most famous castles in Trentino. It owes its fame to a unique location and the beautiful environment that surrounds it, but also to the many dark legends that found a fertile ground to originate and grow in that park and among those walls.

2,000 years ago the fairies used to live on that rocky spur, which until a few centuries ago was a small island – the water level of the lake was two metre higher - and a small temple was dedicated to them in the 3rd century.  This is “certified” by a plaque embedded in the castle porch, that archaeologist Paolo Orsi defines as "one of a kind in the world of Roman epigraphy".

Soon, however, the magic-religious function was taken over by the military-strategic one and in the place of the temple a bleak fortress was erected, for the possession of which the lords of the area fought a long time. The castle, that is now an elegant restaurant, is the result of a reconstruction ordered by Bernardo Cles in the 16th century.

Castel Toblino
Località Castel Toblino 1 - 38072 Calavino
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